Hobo Finery was born of a simple desire to handcraft a few retro/vintage style rings for myself, but I enjoyed the creative process so much that I just kept on going until I had too many rings and too few fingers. It was time to share the love and my new creative adventure swiftly blossomed into a sustainable “reuse and recycle” vocation.

Originally from the UK, I studied Art & Design and Art History many moons ago. I truly believe everything we love is a part of us and constantly seeks expression through us. So from the perspective of artistic movements and eras, my greatest loves are; the wonders of Moorish Design and Architecture, the satisfyingly balanced symmetry of Celtic design, the richness of Pre-Raphaelite Art in colour, detail and literary interpretations, the organic, ethereal an ever inspiring Art Nouveau and last but not least, the enduring influence and sublime sophistication of Art Deco.

Lisa Bailey


My Mission

“I wanted to wear jewellery as personal talismans, inspirational designs that would satisfy my own sense of aesthetics while honouring the creative past. By transforming something useful into something beautiful and wearable I could craft pieces that both resonated with the wearer in the present, yet still maintained their own history and integrity”